I've been working on trying to get Paradox 4.5 to work on Windows 200o with some success, and I was hoping that someone might have a few suggestions. We have Win95 and Win98 workstations and a NetWare server, and so far Win2K seems to be "playing nice" with the "litttle kids", and is best behaved with Client 4.83 SP1

In my Win2k environment, I brought a PIF over from Win98 and use that to launch. This PIF uses a custom autoexec.nt and config.nt.

U: maps to \\server\sys\users\[username]
F: maps to \\server\sys\
Private dir: U:\DOCSPRIV
App dir: F:\Apps\PDox45

PIF Settings:
Cmd line: F:\APPS\pdox45\paradox.exe -extk 16384 -diag -nettrace
Working: U:\DOCSPRIV
Total Conventional Mem: Auto
Protected: Yes
Initial Environment: 4096
EMS: 16384
XMS: 16384
HMA: Yes
DPMI: 16384
Fast ROM Emul.: Yes
Suspend: No
Screen Saver: No
Warn if Active: Yes
Idle Sensitivity: (Lowest possible)

First off, I noticed that unless the private directory is cleared each time before launching Paradox, it will crash. It might not be now, it might not be for five minutes, but it will crash. To get around this, I added a line to my autoexec.nt to clear the temporary files and leave my CFG file alone. Here is what I added:

for %%i in (u:\docspriv\*.*) do if /i not "%%~nxi"=="PARADOX.CFG" del /f /q %%i

Of course, I had to make sure my NetWare file caching was turned off and all the other little settings that make it behave.

Believe it or not, I have very few mouse problems with this setup. The only time the mouse causes Pdox to crash is when I run our main application script and try to use the mouse in the main menus. Once I've gone past the manus, I can use the mouse on the form screens without a problem.

Besides the mouse, the only problem I've had is with the printscreen button. I have some TSR's that work on 95/98 that intercept the PrtSc key and send the DOS screen straight to the printer. PRTSC and PRTSCRFF work perfectly on Win9x, but Win2K is a different beast. If I launch a DOS window and load the TSRs, I can go into EDIT or a few other DOS apps, and the printscreen works fine. When I launch Pdox, it seems like it either unloads the TSRs or overrides them and sends the screen to the windows clibboard instead. Yes, I have it turned off in my PIF, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Once I have the printscreen and mouse problems figured out, we should be all set. Does anyone have any insight into either of these issues?

-Paul A.