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    Question Database location problem

    We have a domain server that was recently installed. I'm trying to set all databases in a folder on the server, where there is no access into the folder by file viewers (Explorer, Powerdesk). Basically i want to use VB scripted prorams to data access the database for reading/writing, and to help maintain data security. The problem i'm having is trying to figure out how to set security permissions of the folders and databases so that users can read/write with the Vb interface, but cannot open the folder with file viewers and can't open the database with Access or another applicaiton.

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    share it as hidden - use $ - if you include dollar sign at the end of the share name, it will stay hidden....

    so for example SHARENAME: MYFOLDER$

    in that case the shared folder will stay hidden and users will be able to map it only if they know it's name. For all your ADO connections, use \\myserver\myfolder

    you can play with some permissions, but don't forget that your functions use the same API as Explorer, so FileSystemObject will not work if your Explorer won't.....

    the other (probably weird way for you) would be to install MSDE or SQL server and have all other data sources linked to SQL server and access only SQL server.... then you don't need to share anything and use SQL security...

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