I am working a database at work and am running a query that will search for records from one table and compare them to values from the second table, if the search criteria matches, it replaces the original value with one from that table, if not then it replaces it with a value from another table. Now this works fine with the IIF statement I am using (included below), except for one "little" thing, when I run this query it doubles all the records (78 originally, 156 now).
8625 (new value)
The second instance of the record is the one where it actual replaces the value but, why is it printing out the original record first? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, B

ExtensionID: IIf([AUTOPAGER_ACD_REPT4]![DATETIME]=[tblAnalystsExceptions]![DATETIME] And [AUTOPAGER_ACD_REPT4]![EXTENSIONSID]=[tblAnalystsExceptions]![EXTENSIONSID],[tblAnalystsExceptions]![USEREXTENID],[tblAnalysts]![EXTENSIONSID])