Does anyone have any suggestions, regarding forcing a system DSN to use a given Network interface? The scenario is this. I have a client with a single webserver, with 2 network interfaces, one public, one private, running Cold fusion. Webserver interface 1, (private is configured 192.168.10.x subnet, no gateway) MSSQLServer has private Interface 192.168.10.x connected via crossover cable. I can ping, from both boxes to the other, and I can telnet from the webserver to the sql server box, on port 1433. However when I try to create a system DSN on the Webserver , I cannot connect, no authentication error, just a timeout. For testing I added a public IP to a different interface on the SQL server box (witch completely defeats the Purpose, of the architecture), and connected immediately. I have searched MSFT, and Google. No luck..