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    Unanswered: Trouble inserting into a table...

    Hey everyone...
    I've got a little problem inserting values into a talble.
    I've tried:
    direct SQL (Query Analyzer)
    MS Access table editing
    openrecordset -> addnew (vb)
    runsql "INSERT INTO (vb)

    all of them timed out...

    Is it possible that somehow this table gets locked?
    I'm not using any triggers or similar things to edit & lock the table while editing it.

    I've got the same table in another db and there it works fine (even has more records in it).

    Any ideas?


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    Could be locked.
    Do the insert in query analyser then in another window

    select * from master..sysprocesses
    and see if anything is blocked.
    You can see what the blocking spid is doing by
    dbcc inputbuffer (spid).

    sp_who / sp_who2 may give more info.

    If this isn't the case then run dbcc checkdb on the database.

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    got an image

    hi nigelrivett...
    first - thanks for the reply!
    i've made such a query when it was locked - now I don't seem to find out in wich field to look if a table is blocked by a process...
    only thing with 'lock' in it is 'lock monitor' - but I think that's an SQL proc or something like that - correct?

    Thanks for helpin'!

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    coroner, use sp_who2 and look for a column tittled "BlkBy". A number in this column represents the SPID of the blocking process.
    Paul Young
    (Knowledge is power! Get some!)

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    Hello Paul,
    Thanks for the reply - I've found the process locking the table.
    Only problem is - it seems a normal ms-access connection (opening this table) - but I cannot understand why it's locked - I've got all my access forms and functions set to dynaset or snapshot....

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