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    Unanswered: connect to remote Access DB


    I am trying do a MS Word Mail Merge to an Access Database over the internet. I tried using DAV/web folders, but when I try to connect to a database in a web folder, it gives me:
    "You cannot use an internet address here. Enter a path that points to a location on your computer or on the network."

    Does anybody have any other ideas on how to connect Word to Access over an internet connection?

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    If it is your server, you can do easily (maybe not) VPN and access it as reg. network drive.

    The other way can be FTP - try or (I'm not sure if it will work). It maps FTP as reg. drive.

    or if it is your server, you can install SQL or MSDE there and link your MDB file to that server and easily access that SQL or MSDE server over internet.

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