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    Unanswered: drop database

    What is the fastest (or safest) way to drop a database on Oracle ? I want to remove *ALL* traces of the database (meaning listener, service, logs, data files, etc).

    On DB/2, I would do : "DROP DATABASE myDatabase"

    There does not seem to be such a command on Oracle and dropping a database seems to be a manual process on Oracle, am I mistaken? I have read quite a lot of horror stories on the newsgroups but wasn't able to find a "drop database procedure" for Windows...

    In any case, what are the steps to drop a database?
    Is there any "visual" tool I can use to "make it easier" ?

    I am using Oracle 9i on Windows 2000 and XP.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is no such "drop database" in Oracle and no GUI tool as far as I know. GUI or visual tools you can use only to see where are all files located.

    Main steps to remove Oracle DB from Windows box:
    1) connect to DB, get information about DB files
    spool files.lst
    select * from V$CONTROLFILE;
    select * from V$LOGFILE;
    select * from V$DATAFILE;
    spool off

    2) shutdown instance, use oradim (oradim -delete -SID) to remove windows services

    3) remove all files listed in files.lst

    4) locate and remove all log, trace and init files. Edit $ORACLE_HOME/network/*.ora files (remove entries about instance you are deleting)

    Correct me, please, if I'm wrong.

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    Yes. There is a such tool - Database Configuration Assistant. It's a JAVA GUI tool, and allows you to delete a database instance.

    Go to your Start -> Programs -> Oracle HOME -> Configuration and Migration Tools -> Database Configuration Assistant. After the main screen you will see screen with four radio-buttons. Select Delete Database, choose which SID to delete, sit down and wait to complete.

    Hope that helps,

    clio_usa - OCP - DBA

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