Hi all,
this is a bit obscure but I don't know who to turn to. In essence what I need to do is when a user clicks on a link I need to check if the link is valid and if it isn't then redirect to another link. Under normal circumstances this would be easy enough to do with fopen(), however here's where it gets messy. The link isn't a standard URL it's a link to a shared Novell drive (for example href="\\\\Novell_Server\\share_dir\\file.ext) . Does anyone know how to do this with fopen or any function?

All I really need to know is if I can reach that file so that I can link to that file, otherwise try the backup server and path. I have to do this because the files must be on the Novell servers, however the servers themselves may go down in the future during planned upgrades.

If anyone has any input I'd appreciate it. Also, I guess if it's possible to check the Novell server via a linux shell command that might be a workaround, but I'd prefer not to have to do that.

Thanks in advance,