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    Unanswered: Billing Address = Shipping Address


    Form Name = frm_groups.

    I have two tabs. One tab is billing address and the other tab is shipping address. I would like user to input billing address manually. I like to put a check box on the shipping tab. So, when end user checks the check box shipping information should be filled automically (write the billing address into the table. name of the table is tbl_groups). if end user don't check the check box, then I want them to fill out the shipping information manually. and I want system to permanently input these values into the table (table name is tlb_groups).

    I want permanent value to stored in the shiping fields for either occassion (check or not check). I hope I am clear.

    ANY HELP WILL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED........ Let me know If it sound confusing.
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