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    Unhappy Unanswered: restore failed - help needed urgently!!

    I am trying to do a point in time restore of Informix database server. I am executing the command

    onbar -r -w -n 2817

    Physical restore is performed ok, but at the logical log 150 I get in the bar_act log following message:

    ERROR - unable to write restore data to the database server: r:\archive\buc_fe.c: Archive API processing failed at line 846 for msgtype

    and, in the next line:

    Unable to commit the restore:r:\archive\buc_fe.c: Archive API processing failed at line 846 for msgtype

    The tape seems to be OK, because I performed the clone to the disk and try to do a restore from clone also. In this case I get the same erorr.

    I am using IDS 7.3 TC4 and NT4.0 SP6a.

    Any idea would be very welcomed!
    Marko Erzen

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    You are not performing a point-in-time-restore, you
    are performing a point-in-log-restore.

    Are you sure that the physical restore was ok ?
    If you are getting the error at logical log number 150 and
    you have issued the command "onbar -r -w -n 2817" there
    are about 2667 logical logs still left to process. This sounds
    not very plausible.

    I would recommend that you split the restore in two parts.
    First do a physical restore:

    - onbar -r -w -p

    Second do the logical point-in-time-restore (if it is
    necessary, otherwise you might execute 'onmode -m'
    after the physical restore):

    - onbar -r -r -t "<datetime_value>"

    Check you online.log and your onbar-activity-log for
    any abnormal messages during the restore.

    And my last recommendation is to choose a reliable
    platform for your database, i.e. Unix or Linux.

    Best regards

    IT-Consulting Herber

    Download the IFMX Database-Monitor for free at:

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    I manage to solve the problem.

    The error message was rather strange, but when I review the debug output I noticed the tempdbs. Then I saw that I misstyped the chunk name of tempdbs.
    Marko Erzen

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