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    Unanswered: Setting up progress DSN with openlink

    I have a progress 8.3b server sitting on NT that I am trying to connect to using Openlinks driver (for progress 8.3c) I have my db name, host, service, and protocol configured but I recieve the error. The Dataserver broker cannot handle PROGRESS database connections. (2663), SQLSTATE=S1000

    I ahve the progress software installed locally for access to the broker and the service mapped to the server. The broker is running on that machine as well. Please provide any advice to resolve this. Merants driver is running on the same machine without difficulty. The only other option I configured under merant is the database path (Which is the physical location on the server.

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    Progress Sockets


    The OpenLink Multi-tier driver that you downloaded is for Progress 8.3c but your database is Progress 8.3b so you need to link the Progress 8.3c Multi-tier driver to your Progress 8.3b database. On Windows Sockets is the best option. I will outline the URL and the steps you need to follow to get the Sockets Connection:

    Sockets: Multi-Tier Configuration for Progress
    The following instructions enable you to establish Progress sockets connections with OpenLink's Multi-Tier drivers:

    1. Use a text editor to open your server's /etc/services (Unix) or C:\WINNT\
    System32\Drivers\etc\services (WinNT) file.

    2. Create an entry which pairs your Progress server with an unused port number. For example:

    pro83b 8899/tcp # Progress socket service

    3. Save your changes and exit the services file.

    4. Shutdown your Progress Database and restart it. When you restart it, pass the following parameters:

    proserve <database name> -S socket_service -N tcp -H your_server_hostname

    For example:

    Proserve sports.db -S pro83b -N tcp -H saturnus

    5. Pass the same -SNH parameters in the Database Server field of your client's DSN. For example:

    -S pro83b -N tcp -H saturnus

    6. Pass your database name in the Database Name field of your DSN. For example:


    7. Pass Progress XXX in the domain section of your DSN, where "XXX" refers to the version of the OpenLink Progress Agent that you have. For example:

    Progress 83A

    8. Test your connection.

    If you still have problems then please take advantage of our free online support service for initial connection/configuration problems and log a support case. This can be accessed from the following URL:


    Ashok Rautela

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