I've found a solution for "flagging" the row listing the current record in a self join portal (see www.dwdataconcepts.com solution "Mark Row"). Unfortunately, the solution requires the use of a few buttons/scripts, which to me reeks of potential user error.

To clarify: the solution I found uses record navigation buttons (i.e. go to next/previous record), which perform a script that sets a global "current record" # field to match a "Record ID" number. This in turn enters a flag into a global container based upon a calculation Global Current Record = Record ID.

There has to be an easier/more error-proof way! With the solution as-is, if a user decides to use the book icon in the status area to navigate between records instead of my forward/back navigation buttons, the current record in the portal is not flagged. I'd like to find a solution that bypasses the use of buttons, and possibly, scripts. Any ideas?