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    Unanswered: Making DLL in VB and connecting it to database

    Hi Every One:
    I am working on this Access database which is alreayd made by someone else. Now I am modifying it , the way they made it is that it prevents me to add one more module or add any additional functions to existing module. I am making functions on form which is causing great decrease in performance. Last time, someone suggested that I can make DLL in vb , throw all my functions there and connect it to this database. Can Some one please help me out here and get me started bout how to make dlls in vb and connect that dll with this datatabase. (I will throw all my fucntions in that one dll , which will be faster to execute rather than change one line and wait 20 mins for this application to save and compile and still doesnt guarantee that it will work or not).
    And also which kind of DLL do I need.
    Thanx in advance.

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    Re: Making DLL in VB and connecting it to database

    You'll need Visual Studio (including VB (6.0?)) to create dlls.

    Why not create another access database, write all your functions there, compile (maybe save as mde to speed things up).

    Then go to the database where you want to use the functions, go to any module, or code view in any form, click Tools->References->Browse, select your code database and that's it.

    Don't forget to declare all functions/subroutines in the code database as public.

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