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    Unanswered: Upgrading postgres

    I have postgresql 7.2 on FreeBSD and want to upgrade it to the latest release.

    When 7.2 was installed, PGINCLUDE was /usr/include, PGLIB = /usr/lib and PGBIN = /usr/bin. The problem is that last weekend when I tried to install 7.3.1, I followed the whole short installation version, and instead of installing every folder/files into /usr/local/pgsql, I only had /data in there. And I'm told I still have 7.2 installed.

    So, do I have to remove all the PGINCLUDE, PGLIB and PGBIN files in order to install postgresql, and have all the files/folders inside /usr/local/pgsql or do I just have to specified the default directory when configuring (i.e. ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/pgsql) ?

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    " ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/pgsql ", i think this is a good idea giving the exact directory structure during the installation process but as i experienced in my redhat linux, i dont put those prefix thing during the configure process, simply the options like --with-perl etc....

    or maybe if possible, remove everything about postgres then install a fresh one... anyway, you have to re-initialize again the database for 7.3.x versions if you came from 7.2.x versions.

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