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    Question Unanswered: IBM's DB2 OLE DB

    Running DB2 v8.1.0.36 on Windows Advanced Server 2000 through Terminal Services.

    I'm working with a project in VB6 using the IBM OLE DB provider on the PC i've installed DB2 on, and a question came up, which i wasn't able to find an answer to in any documentation i have. If i use the IBMDADB2 provider in my project, how would i "include" the provider in any deployable package i create for client computers? In dealing with MSAccess and SQL Server 2000, it's really handy to have these providers included in the MDAC package, but this all gets dones for me.
    Jeff Jonsson

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    Dear Friend,

    The IBMDB2 data provider is installed by default when you configure run time client on the client machine. You do not require to separately deploy with your application. Yes but if you are using MDAC then you have to bundle it with the deployment.

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