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    Smile Unanswered: sql syntax to total same records within a column

    Hi there,

    This is my first time posting in this forum, and I hope I've got the right one !.

    I have a msAccess table with two columns I need records from, being

    Customers Total Sales Value

    more than one customer can be from the same suburb, so when I display this query, I want it to total all the customers sales values for each suburb, i.e.

    one customer from 'nashville' spent 1000.00 and a different customer from 'nashville' spent 500.00 - so I want the query to total both nashville customers spendings and give me a display like this

    Suburb Total sales value
    nashville $ 1,500.00

    I'm using msAccess database, and uploading to the web via Dreamweaver MX .asp pages. the sql primer in dreamweaver is really great, and I've produced many display pages of my clients data on the web, but there's a few complex ones like this that dreamweaver doesn't get deep enough into with the sql.

    I hope someone can help, ....


    I DID IT !!!!....I CAN'T BELIEVE IT....BUT I WENT TO and into the advanced SQL lessons, how fabulous to find exactly what you want.....I got it to work like this

    SELECT suburb, SUM(CustomersSalesValue)
    FROM Merlot GROUP BY suburb;

    cheers ....

    Don't be afraid to go on an occassional wild goose chase.......that's what wild geese are for
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