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    Question Unanswered: Deleting a range of tables

    I have two SQL Server 2000 and i wanna transfer the tables between the servers, but just a specific range of tables can be overwrited.
    Let me explain:
    SERVER1 Tables (AAA010, AAA020, AAA040, AAA080, AAA090)
    SERVER2 Tables (AAA010, AAA020, AAA040, AAA080, AAA090)
    I need to transfer JUST the '%040' and '%080' tables from the SERVER2 to SERVER1.
    It could be easy if was just 5 tables within each server, but are 1000+, AAA, AAB,...,XXX, XXZ.
    Someone has a script to transfer only the marked tables ('%040') or to drop just the other tables ??? How can i make this without selecting one by one the tables in the 'select the tables to transfer' option in sql enterprise manager ?

    thankx !
    ps. sorry for my english, i'm brazilian, i hope u understand...

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    I don't know DTS well enough to provide an example but back in my Ingress days I had to move data between servers, not always the same servers and not always the same tables. My solution was to create a table that would hold information on the source and target server(s) and database(s) involved in the transfer.

    My script would loop through the table selecting server pairs and then loop through the tables to be processed. As I recall it was a simple matter to process a list of tables or a description, '%020','%040'.

    I don't know if this helps you or not. I will look through the documentation on DTS and see if I can come up with an example.
    Paul Young
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