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    Post Unanswered: Problem with Subform

    Hello - Please see attached database

    I'm unable to create a working subform.

    I have a table = Unique PIN identifier
    Created a query to perform a DateDiff function
    Form to display information and a subform to add occurences of leave.

    Problem - If you add an entry in the subform save it and close the
    data creates a blank master entry with the same leave
    date(s) of the people I added entries to??

    I'm trying to create it as a one to many relationship
    1 manager multiply occurrnces of leave.

    I thought this would be easy to do....I'm perplexed
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    I have looked at your application.

    A relationship (such as a one-to-many) between tables is predicated on the idea that there is more than one table. You only have one table.

    For now I suggest setting up a seperate table for employees in addition to one for leave occurences. Also make sure your tables have primary keys (unrelated to any data). Here is a good time to peer into Access's help section and read what is available on primary and foreign keys.

    No, Access isn't easy. It is a very complex application development platform. I'm not trying to be discouraging, but be prepared to invest either a good deal of time working up the learning curve, or a good deal of money paying someone else who is already there.


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    Hello Zambezibill -

    I see my error since you explained that I need two TABLES.
    Occurences of leave.
    Assign a primary key

    I've had some formal training on access - this was my first attempt
    at completing a project.

    I have started the project over and now have a better understanding.

    Thanks for your expert help.

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