Hello All,
should not be a big deal, but as I new to this Sybase::CTLib in Perl pair need some help. Code is working but here comes error handling for the st-t $DBConHandle->ct_execute("MydbStoredProcedure '$parm1'");
What I found is that if I write it as
$spRC=$DBConHandle->ct_execute("MydbStoredProcedure '$parm1'") I getting spRC=1 regardless of if MydbStoredProcedure exists or not,
or if I try
$DBConHandle->ct_execute("MydbStoredProcedure '$parm1'") or return undef; the program still goes to the next st-t, which is

Q: Is there any return code or status I can read in order to stop an execution right after ct_execute has failed?, and
How do I read
Server message:
Message number: 2812, Severity 16, State 5, Line 1
Server 'mysrvname'
Message String: Stored procedure 'MydbStoredProcedure ' not found. into the Perls variable?