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    Question Unanswered: Form Question

    This might be very basic but i do not know the answer:

    Do you know how?
    If a User fills out a form (like a feedback form for example), have that form go to a database, get stored, and have the admin of that database receive an e-mail saying the database has been updated.

    Here's the situation. I work for a school system that basically wants on online application. I can create the database with the required fields and point them in the fields and even write to database, that's the easy part (I can handle this). What I need is some code that once the data is wrote to the database, it e-mails the recipient that a new application has been submitted. If you could get me started, I could finish it out.

    My part:
    <FORM NAME="frmUser" ACTION="addnewapp.asp" METHOD="POST">

    and have addnewapp.asp open the database and write to required fields.

    Your part:
    What next? I cannot use CGI or DLL's to help me do this. So Matt's is out of the question.

    Thank you in advance, Phillip Ewing
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    Re: Form Question

    There are two solvations for your problem.

    1. After successful insertion of the data into Database, send a mail using any mail component from ASP Script, in which u r calling the query to insert data into DB.

    2. If u are using SQL Server as the database, u can a write a trigger on insertion of data for that perticular. In trigger send a mail using xp_sendmail.

    Sql Server is providing a feature to mail from the database using the stored proc. xp_sendmail.

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    Re: Form Question

    If you are using Microsoft SQL Server 7 or earlier, the easy way to do this is create a trigger on the table for insertion that will fire a message using the system stored procedure xp_sendmail.

    If not using MS SQL Server or don't want to use triggers just made a script using for instance ... CDOnts to send the mail. See this example:

    Paulo Gonçalves

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