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    Unanswered: How to fetch limited record from SQL Server like 20-40 records out of 20000 records


    I have 20,000 records in a table and i want to do paging in ASP.
    I have to display 20 records per page. I will take count(*) from table and divide it by 20 and display the no.of pages and give the links like page-1 page-2 and so on.

    If i click on page-2 it has to fetch only 20-40 records off 20000 records.

    If I use "Top 20 " key word, i will get first 20 records only. But I need to get 20-40 records.

    I know that we can achieve this in Oracle using the ROWNUM like the follwing query.
    "select * from tblPerson where ROWNUM>20 and ROWNUM<40".

    Is there any way to get the same in SQL Server7.0.

    If possible, please let me know.


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    you've posted this question 3 times...and already had replies to it...if those replies aren't the answer you're looking for then post a reply back to it...don't keep posting the same question over and over.

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    Take a look on this example: it works fine

    @pagenumber - page # to show
    @pagesize - page size

    create table #tmp (id int identity,***)
    insert #tmp (***)
    exec('select * from yourtable')

    select @pages=CEILING(count(*)*1./@pagesize) from #tmp

    select *** from #tmp
    where id between @pagesize*(@pagenumber-1)+1
    and @pagesize*@pagenumber

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