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    Unanswered: How Can I play list of mp3 songs one by one

    In my web application, nearly 10 to 15 songs (Titles) will be displayed along with checkboxes.

    If some one checks 5 mp3 songs among them, the selected songs should be played one after the another. How can I acheieve this in ASP.

    We can do using <embed> tag in HTML, but it works for a single file.
    But my requirement is multiple mp3 file to be played and that to one after the another.

    How can we acheived this?

    Please let me, if any one knows...It is very urgent to me..


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    mp3 songs

    which web application are you using for you mp3 songs ?
    please let me know the details of that application so that i can guide you accordingly

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