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    Unanswered: Cant Connect to server //SQEW..? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

    i use microsoft windows XP pro edition

    so my problem is when im trying to connect
    to my database in SQL server

    that error is something like this :
    Unable to connect to server //SQEW

    Server : msg17, Level 16, State 1
    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]SQL Server Does not Exist or Access Denied
    am i have to Add Network Library Configuration
    in SQL Server Network Utility

    because when i want to add it
    in winXP <-- mine
    network libraries for shared memory is disable
    but for the named pipe is able and something like this
    is define as pipe name --> \\.\pipe\sql\query

    but in my friend pc ,he use windows 98
    in network libraries network libraries for shared memory is
    able but his named piped is disable

    how i can connect it to the SQL Server?
    is there any confoguration method?

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    Re: Cant Connect to server //SQEW..? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

    If you have the IP of the machine runing the SQL Server, use it instead of the name.
    Go to the enterprise manager and ad the server there using the IP.

    Paulo Gonçalves

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    Is i't really //SQEW and not just only SQEW ?

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