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    Unhappy Unanswered: Storing/Initializing Globals from a table

    I'd like to store some basic system and informational variables in a table that would be easy to edit with a form. Things such as taxrate, program support phone#, version#, url for updates, etc.
    So, I set up a table with fields autonumber, variablename, type, value, description. I then populated the table with 20 or so useful constants, then made up an easy form to edit them all in. I also manually set up

    So far, so good. However, I am not sure how to auto declare each as public, then initialize each with their type and value from the table.

    Thanks for the ideas!

    - JTP
    (access 2000 database)

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    I don't know how to do your autodeclare the way you want. Here is what I do.

    I use a parameters table, but do not autopopulate the variables. I use a function to do that.

    My table - tblAppParms - has ParmID (autonumber), ParmName (text 255) and ParmValue (memo). Each Parm has it's own get function to populate the predeclared global value. I store all sorts of global parms here that may or may not change from one use to the next.

    Hope this helps,


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