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    Unanswered: Acess XP/Word XP Mail Merge date format prob

    I'm having a problem with a mail merge document that sources data from an Access database.

    What happens is that the date format comes out in the merge fields in mm/dd/yyyy format when I need it in dd/mm/yyyy format. The database shows the date in the desired format (apparently picked up from the regional settings of the PC - Australia). Only when the data is merged does the problem arise.

    Any clues where to look?
    Any more information needed?


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    you can easily change it in MS WORD.

    1. insert you date field
    2. right click it and select 'toggle field codes'
    3 change the field like this - my field is called Field1

    {MERGEFIELD Field1 \@ "dd/MM/yyyy" }


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    Ah! Many many thanks jiri! Works like a charm!

    I find it bizarre that I have to define the format when the localisation is set to Australia, the system date format displays in Australian format, Access displays Australian format.... everything but the bloody merge field displays the default for the machine. The merge field displays the default for the location of the software provider... Hmmm.

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