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    Unanswered: Running Oracle Forms without user intervention


    I want to write an Oracle Form 6i program which automatically calls a procedure to run an Oracle report and then updates some database tables without any user intervention. This form will be run as a scheduled job on the UNIX server.

    The question is where should I fire the procedure? I have tried using the Pre-Form trigger but hits the "can't use a restricted built-in" error at the point of "COMMIT" command.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Lay Hoon

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    Re: Running Oracle Forms without user intervention

    Usually in Forms, where a restricted built-in is to be called, the code has to be moved to a KEY trigger, e.g. KEY-COMMIT in this case.

    But really, I can't understand why you would use Forms at all to create a scheduled batch process with no user intervention. Why not just a shell script that runs the report and a SQL Plus script, or perhaps an After Report trigger in the report itself?

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