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    Angry Unanswered: Criteria definition

    Hi all...

    I'm beginning 2 think i'm going mad bcoz of this...

    I'm creating a 'simple' app in vb6 that requires a connection to Access. So far so good, except I can't create a query using a sql statement within program code in vb6 that allows the end-user of the app to input the specific criteria he wants to search for.

    E.g. there's a table with a list of students and their details (tblStudentDetails) and another one with all the marks they receive for specific assignments (tblMarks). The search that the user wants to carry out requires him to input the name of the specific assignment, and the date it was given, from the table tblATDetails. The app should then be able to find all the information related to this specified criteria, from Access, and display it in the app in vb6. How do I do this?

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