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    Unanswered: Why is sp_readerrorlog running repeatedly?


    An application was running very slowly, so I was asked to take a look at the database. No obvious problems with processor, memory, disk on the server. No blocking sessions in the database.

    What I did find when I ran profiler was that 'sp_readerrorlog 2' was being being run repeatedly. The login was sa and application was shown as SQLEM. This was somtimes taking as long as 14 seconds. There is no reference to this sp in the SQL Agent Jobs for the server.

    Is there any way I can prevent this from happening? I'm convinced it's really slowing things down.



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    If the server is SQL 2000, you should be able to add the HostName column to the Profiler trace. If not, you will have to try to catch his hostname with sp_who2 or sysprocesses.net_address.

    Once you have this guy's hostname, you should be able to confidently go to his computer, and shut down SQL Enterprise Manager (presumably left open reading the ERRORLOG.2 file). Happy hunting.


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