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    Unanswered: OutputTo question...

    I am using an Output to to create a rtf document. I would like to beable to name the document "XYZ" and add the day of the report to the name.


    I am not having much like with this and would appreciated any input as to if this is doable.

    My path is C:\Program Files\Request DB\Reports\XYZ02122003.rtf.


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    I had a similar issue when exporting a table to excel, I used the DatePart function in the path name:

    "C:\Windows\Desktop\Export List " & DatePart("d", Date) & "-" & DatePart("m", Date) & "-" & DatePart("yyyy", Date) & ".xls", True

    Hope this helps

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    i've been looking for how to do this for a while, thank you. One question though, would it possible to include data from a field in a report in the filename? such as if a field was called "first name" could that be used in the creation of the filename? if so how?

    thank you.

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