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    Unanswered: SetWarnings

    I have tried searching this out to no avail. I recently installed a third party app based on MS Access. Ever since then my warnings in all other databases are suppressed. I have tried to setwarnings = true but it doesn't seem to stop this behavior.

    Is there another way to suppress confirmation boxes? If so how do I re-enable them?

    EDITED *****************

    I figured it out. Apparently the third party app changes the confirmation settings at the application level and does not change them back when finished. Therefore any future instance of Access will have the confirmation options turned off. Bad programming!
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    This is how I solved my problem. Of course now this will have to run on every app I have developed and will develop until I get the third party vendor to fix theirs.

    Sub ResetConfirm()
    Dim appAccess As Access.Application
    Dim strOptions As Variant
    Dim i As Integer

    strOptions = Array("Confirm Record Changes", "Confirm Document Deletions", "Confirm Action Queries")
    Set appAccess = Access.Application

    For i = 0 To UBound(strOptions)
    If Not appAccess.GetOption(strOptions(i)) Then
    appAccess.SetOption strOptions(i), True
    End If

    Set appAccess = nothing
    End Sub

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