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    Unanswered: Access and Memory: We want more!!!

    We have an access database set up for a couple users to share. Performance was pretty slugishly, so we recently moved it to a new box, but stayed with W2k Server. We switched from a Pentium III/600 MHZ/512 MB RAM to a DELL PowerEdge 2600 Server/single 2.4 GHZ/2GB RAM.

    Dramatic indeed! So now we're curious...

    Could we pop a bit more memory in there and see even MORE performance improvement, or is 2GB the max W2k server can use?!?!?!

    Even though AWE seems designed to let the OS use MORE THAN 4GB of memory, it has a "switch" to allow the OS to use 3GB of the first 4GB. Would this be a way around W2k server's limitation (if there is one).

    Thanks for any insight!
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