Hello everyone,

I'm setuping a new server at work that will host all our web sites and web applications, many of which uses JSP (using tomcat) and MySQL.

On the new server, whenever I SELECT something from the database and display it on a web page, the non-english characters (french in this case) are displayed as '?'.

Using the mysql CLI client on the same machine, I see the correct characters. Also, a simple PHP test page shows the correct characters. Our current web server, running an earlier version of tomcat and mm.mysql shows the correct characters.

I tried changing the character encoding using an HTML meta tag but it didn't change anything. I tried going back to the old version of mm.mysql (2.08--before connector/j) and I still get the same problem.

All I can think of is Tomcat itself. I'm now using 4.18 while the old server is running 4.06.

Thanks for any help.