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    Unanswered: Is there info about ZIM?

    Anybody know something about ZIM (it's DataBase)?
    Actually what I need is format of ZIM files, or some tools to
    get a DB shema, export/import data?

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    The 4GL ZIM is a professional, integrated development system for the production of applications on the basis of relational data bases. With ZIM developed applications are high-grade portable. They run without program modifications under almost all usual operating systems and can co-operate beside the integrated ZIM data base management system also with external data base servers.
    All functions and abilities of the ZIM development system are fully integrated, i.e.. Mask control, the production of report, the code generation and the data base access co-operate efficiently and without each break.

    The 4GL ZIM offers a high user comfort, a good performance and a very favorable price performance ratio to the user. ZIM is an open system. A multiplicity of products of other offerers can be attached to ZIM and integrated with ZIM. Thus also the employment of ZIM is in an existing EDP landscape simply possible.

    ZIM can access different data base systems or other application programs; turned around other programs can di one idioms directly use and directly with di one idioms communicate.

    For final users an extensive solution catalog exists, in which with ZIM written applications are listed. This contains both industry-neutral packages, e.g. financial accounting, wages and content, and industry-specific solutions for different areas of application.

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