I am writing first time Java Script.

I have 1 check box in ASP code. If I want to check that check box 'QECheckbox',
system date should be entered another field 'QEDate' automatically.

But, i am not able to do that.
My Java script(Function) is written below, and ASP code is also there.

Please help me, What modifications, I need to do in script.

'QEcheckbox' is 'bit' type field in SQL Server.
'QEdate' is 'Datetime' type field in SQL Server.



<script language = "JavaScript">
function calculate_total(cbox,ram)
var today = new Date();
if (cbox.checked)

ram.value = today
Alert( "Hello")

ram.value = getDate();



If (UserRole = "PIR002") OR (UserRole = "PIR007") Then 'EDI
If QECheckbox = True then
'Response.Write("<input type='checkbox' name='QECheckbox' value='checkbox' CHECKED >")
Response.Write("<input type='checkbox' value='yes' name='QECheckbox' onclick='calculate_total(document.idform.QECheckbo x,document.idform.QEDate)' >")
Response.Write("<input type='checkbox' name='QECheckbox' value='checkbox' >")
End if
End if