I have a stored procedure that accepts 2 int params. It is a rather lengthy proc that utilizes two temp tables. When this proc is executed via iSQL or an ODBC connection using ADO in a VB desktop app, it executes without a problem. When the same proc is called, with the same params, from a COM+ component (same ODBC DSN and ADO) , the procedure runs to approx. 40% complete then returns, as though complete, to the calling app were execution resumes as though there were no problem. There is no error being generated, it just stops running and returns.

I have inserted trace statements into the proc to see if there is a common stopping point related to data. The issue seems to be based more on size than a specific data because removing records that would come at the beginning of the process causes the proc to get further through the cursor that is being looped.

The COM+ component is running on a WIN 2000 server and hitting Sybase 12.5. Also, the transaction mode of the component is currently set to 'Not Supported'.

I have limited access to the database, which is housed in another state. Alos, I have little experience with Sybase. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!