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    Exclamation Unanswered: What to Backup ?

    I am going to flash the bios on my production server, and I dont know if it will come up again or not. ( win 2k, sql 2k, sp2 )

    In worst case if it does not come up, can anyone tell me what all do I need to backup so that when I rebuild a totally new server from scratch I wont have any problems in restoring it. I aso have replication setup on that server.

    Also if possible please let me know the sequense of restoring it.


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    I would shut down everything I could and take a backup at the OS level. Symantec Ghost is a great tool but almost any good backup software will allow you to restore over a working NT install.

    Just a note, if you haven't tested your restore process you shouldn't expect it to work!
    Paul Young
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