I have a website that uses ASP with an Access database.

Due to the amount of traffic, my web host has suggested I move the database to their SQL server 2000 (which is part of my host plan anyway).

They have set up the SQL connection strings and sent me external and internal IP addresses and so it is ready to go their end.

However, I've no idea where to start.

Currently, I only have an Access database file which I can upload or download via FTP to my web site if I need to. How is the SQL Server 2000 different to this?

Do I have to purchase Enterprise Manager (as suggested by my web hosts) to connect and upload to the SQL Server 2000.

If I do, it has to have Service Pack 1 on it (due to an earlier SQLEM bug), and will get denied access if I don't have it. From what I've read, the trial version available from Microsoft doesn't take SP1.

I'm a little stuck. Is there any other way I should be able to connect?

I can get hold of copies of
Microsoft SQL Server 7,
Microsoft Visual Studio 6 Enterprise and
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect

(although the last one is .net and I'm only using common or garden asp) - Would any of these help me connect with their SQL server?

I'm told I also need to upsize my Access 2000 database to SQL server. Is there a nice tutorial that can tell me how to do this smoothly?

So many questions!!!....

I have read a fair bit but am getting confused with the amount of software needed and with the different versions out there.