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    Unhappy Unanswered: Need help to display Chinese characters

    I am trying to enter chinese characters into a Access 2000 databse.

    My machine has been set up to enter chinese charcters. I can enter chinese characters into word fine.

    but when I try to enter them into an Access database all I get is square blank boxes signifying an unrecognisable character.

    Can anyone help?

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    This is what I found in the Access help files.

    If the language version of your operating system doesn't match the language you want to type, install a Global Input Method Editor (Global IME). Global IMEs allow you to enter Asian text in Microsoft Word, in Microsoft Outlook e-mail messages, and in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Other Office programs require an Asian operating system or Windows 2000 to allow you to enter Asian text.

    Sounds like you need an Asian OS.

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    Thanks for your reply. An asian OS wouldn't help me much because I don't know any asian languages. I am developing a database for a Chinese client, hence the need to be able to enter Chinese chars for debugging (I wont have a clue what they mean)

    We already have windows 2000 and the problem seams to be with our W2k Office 2K setup. Our other machines with WXP and Access XP accepts chinese fine. There seams to be something different in Access 2000 / Windows 2000, the problem is we have Access 2000 runtime not Access 2002 runtime, hence this doesn't help..


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