I have created a DTS package that access an ODBC datasource (Attunity Connect) and then dumps the data into a table in MSSQL Server.
When I run this DTS package manually it works fine (no error messages).
When I schedule the job to run it creates a job under Management, SQL Server Agent, Jobs. My problem is that when I run this job it creates the following error:

Dr Watson for Windows NT
An application error has occurred
and an application error log is being generated
Exception: access violation(0xc0000005), Address: 0x77f0510d

It does not make a difference if I run the job for the whole file (over 700,000 records) or if I just limit the job to only select 100 records.

The version of MSSQL Server I am running is 2000.
Product Version: 8.00.534(SP2)
on Windows NT 4.0 (1381)

All help on this is much appreciated