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    Unanswered: calling menu bar controls

    I want a cmd button on a form that lets the user "compact and Repair" the database.
    The menu's have been removed.
    There is a hidden menu, called "Developer" which is only accessible thru a password protected form, that has the menu option "Compact and Repair Database..."

    Here's what I have: (in a module)

    Public Sub CompactDB()
    Commandbars("Developer").Controls("Compact and Repair Database...").accDoDefaultAction
    End Sub

    The menubar is labeled Developer and Compactandrepairdatabase is listed in the first pull down

    Any suggestions?

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    I've been trying the same for ages, and never got it to work.
    Sorry to say...

    It is possible to compact and repair from code, but than from within a second database: DBEngine.CompactDatabase Name1, Name2

    You cannot compact a database that you are working in from within itself, as far as I know.

    It is possible to use the menu-button Access provides in itself, that works like a charm.
    However there I believe you have to distinguish between your Database and the running Access-application.
    Using the Access-menu bar for compact and repair, your Access-application first closes your database, than compacts (including possible file renaming) your database and than re-opens your database.

    So you may understand that your database cannot close itself, than compact itself, renames and re-opens again.


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    what you can do..

    is get the database to open another application (i.e. another database) and then close.

    The other application should:

    this database should have a form that open automatically. This form should have a timer event set to (say) 10 secs. This timer event should opent the database you want to compact with the /compact /repair startup options. Then close.

    Make sense?

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    could you be a little more specific please. what i gather is:
    DB1 is open with a form that has a cmd button that "compacts"
    then on the on click event:
    DB2 opens with hidden form that
    closes DB1
    compacts DB1
    opens DB1

    DB2 then closes

    is it something like that or am I completely lost?

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