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    Unanswered: SQL Desktop Editon Upgrade on Windows 2000 Pro

    I have an old PIII PC running Windows 2000 Professional. On this PC I had once SQL 7.0 Desktop Edition installed. I then managed somehow to upgrade it to SQL 2000 as that is the version I am running on this PC as we speak ! I have this new PC now and no matter what I do I cannot upgrade a SQL 7.0 Desktop edition to SQL 2000 as the software says that WIndows 2000 Professional won't run the SQL engine. I wonder how did I manage to get it right the first time ?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Max Cottica

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    Unhappy login error..this is not a Dr.Watson file

    in basic do i fix this...i know i went to open a file and accidently saved it usingnly use Dr.Watson file to open this.....I can't remember what file i did that with...

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