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    Unanswered: Cant connect SQL server by Enterprise manager but no problem by Query analyzer

    I cant connect SQL server by Enterprise manager, then i try to connect it by Query analyzer it works !
    I have 2 SQL servers get the same problem, no matter how many time i try,
    Even I set the timeout to900 seconds, I still got the message in Enterprise manager..

    Help me please..!

    A connection could not be established to

    Reason: Timeout expired.

    Please verify SQL Server is running and check your SQL Server registration properties
    (by right-clicking on the node) and try again.

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    I have been able to get this working by going to the Client Network Utility and switching the primary network library from TCP/IP to Named Pipes or vice-versa. No idea why some machines prefer one over the other, but life would be boring, if we did not have these little things to keep us up all night ;-).

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