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    Question Unanswered: Foxpro DBF access across a network

    I'm trying to access a *.dbf (foxpro) db from an ASP app, and it works just fine as long as it exists on the same machine as the web files exist (running in IIS 5.0). However, whenever I try to connect to a dbf file across the network on a different machine, I get this:

    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E37)
    [Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]File '******.dbf' does not exist.

    At first, I thought it was because I switched from a local path to a UNC path, but I tested that by using the UNC path of the local machine, and that didn't seem to affect it any. I've given every possible permission to every possible directory, website, etc., that I can think of, but nothing seems to be working. Does anyone have any ideas or hints?

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    I know of a method which you can do this, or atleast you can try it...
    a company called OpenLink Software provide an ODBC bridge driver, which you can use to connection to a existing ODBC DSN,

    so the connection theory would be

    machine 1,
    OpenLink Client Driver
    Machine 2,
    OpenLink Request Broker -> OpenLink ODBC Agent -> Foxpro Native ODBC DSN.

    The OpenLink Driver would handle the network bit, and bridge to the Foxpro DSN, which would connect to the DBF file.

    If you chose to have a go, visit for the drivers.

    you will want Multi Tier, with an ODBC Bridge Agent.

    as another little point, this will also allow you to connect from a non windows based platform.

    *the Broker and ODBC Agent will need to be installed on the same machine as the connecting Foxpro DSN you intend to use.



    Online ODBC HOWTOs at:

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    Sure you can...

    We have NT4 servers, and we MAP drives from other servers to the local machine. Yes, you have to have all the rights and passwords correct. Then we have no problem using ASP (I think we have IIS version 4) to call a FoxPro EXE (compiled as COM compliant) which is used to open the table and get what we need, no problem at all.

    USE \\otherserver\mapdir\thetable.dbf

    If you are trying to open the table directly from ASP code, I had the impression that it can't be done with Microsoft's version of ASP?

    That's about all I can say, as any more complicated than that and it would be beyond me...

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    Re: Sure you can...

    That's what I wanted to do, but we're kind of lazy and didn't want to set up DCOM on the machine where the db resides just so we could access a single COM+ component across the network. Anyway, we run about 15-20 web apps internally, and none of them use COM+, so I had a hard time convincing the network guys that this one app needed it. Actually, I'm kind of lazy myself and didn't really want to fool around with the COM environment for one app.

    So we took the chump's way out and put the app on the same machine as the db, then masked the URL so the users didn't know which machine it was on. It's a web app on our intranet, and the big boys upstairs are paranoid about users hacking into the wrong server. Thus the URL masking.

    Sure, you can access any database from ASP using ADO and an ODBC or OLEDB connection, as long as the database supports it, and you configure the db objects with the correct permissions...I'm a little confused though - what do you mean by "Microsoft's version of ASP"? What other versions are there? Thanks for the hint anyway, even though it's about 3 months too late

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