When I run this query through VBA it returns "single row subquery returns more than one row". When I run it through SQL-Plus it only returns one row. I put in the distincts just to make sure that it would return one row, but that hasnt helped. Any ideas?

select distinct monm.mtm_asmptn_grp_seq_id from mtm_asmptn_grp magm,
mtm_fwd_sold_deal_valuation monm, mtm_fwd_sold_deal_valuation mfsdv
where monm.mtm_deal_seq_id = mfsdv.mtm_deal_seq_id
and monm.mtm_asmptn_grp_seq_id = magm.mtm_asmptn_grp_seq_id
and magm.publication_date =
(select distinct min(magms.publication_date) from mtm_asmptn_grp magms,
mtm_fwd_sold_deal_valuation monms, mtm_fwd_sold_deal_valuation mfsdv
where monms.mtm_deal_seq_id = mfsdv.mtm_deal_seq_id and monms.mtm_asmptn_grp_seq_id = magms.mtm_asmptn_grp_seq_id
and to_char(magms.publication_date,'yyyymm') = '200302');