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    Unanswered: How can I run Paradox 9 on Windows XP?

    After installing paradox 9 on windowsXP home edition I get the following message on startup "Could not initalize BDE.: Insufficient shared memory available" or sometimes I get "could not load an MZ? dll file. I also have installed the corel Wordperfect suite 2000. Paradox runs fine on windows 2000. is ther a fix for this so it runs on XP?

    Many Thanks

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    You should try the compatibility mode of Win XP: properties of the link you start Pdox with, compatibility tab, select win98.

    You've also got all the service packs, you do?

    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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    EDIT: This does not look like your problem, but I decided to add more info for someone else; instead of deleting my post.

    One of the major things different between win2k and XP Pro is that only admin has write accces to the c: drive root.

    Make sure the BDE is pointing to an sub-directory and that everyone has write/control to that sub-dir.

    Edit: I just installed Pdx 9 unders XP HE and it does NOT restrict access to the system drive for me ( note my system drive is D: so it is not a perfect test.

    I restricted access my self an got this error:
    Network initialization failed.
    Cannot access network lock file.

    You can run cacls c:\netdir /t /e /g users:c

    And make sure the non-admin person with the problem is in the group "Power Users"

    And make sure the BDE netdir is using c:\netdir

    Tim S
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    The MZ identifier tells is an imbedded part of the exe file and letting the OS no that this is an .exe file (and not com or bat). It appears you have a bad copy of paradox or that the install was corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. It could also be a windows problem as well. So I would begin by checking my patches for XP and the BDE. There is very little difference between XP and 2000 regarding running of applications. So it may merely be that something went awry in your install of Paradox on XP.

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