I am using Access 2000 for my database application that has a GUI.
I have a “Microsoft Graph 2000 Chart” object in my report.
“microsoft access 9.0 object library” in the Tools->References.

When I preview graph, it looks very inaccurate. When I print it, it is OK. What should I do; not every report has to be printed.

On top of that when I hit “With Me.[ContractLinearGraph].axes(xlvalue)” as in the code below, I get an error message now (I used not to get it)

With Me.[ContractLinearGraph].axes(xlvalue)

gblPrintMessage = "Setting up graph axes"
LogErrorMessage "Detail_Format()", gblPrintMessage, 0

If bPlottable Then
.MinimumScaleIsAuto = False
.MaximumScaleIsAuto = False
.MinimumScale = CDbl(yaxisMinimum)
.MaximumScale = CDbl(yaxisMaxmum)
End If

End With