This is my case:-
I indexed 2 columns in <MyTable> in order to be able to use full-text search. The columns are "ProductName" and "Keywords". Now, I am searching a product that has "1" in either one of the 2 columns indexed.

My problem is this, when I ran the following SQL statement, a strange result is returned.

Select Keywords From <MyTable> where contains(Keywords, '"1"')

Keywords -- no/nf

why did it return "no/nf" as a result?
actually i've tried it with different strings all joined by a "/" and each time the SQL statement is run, it will return the record that has a "/" in it.
But this only happens if the "/" is joined with the alphanumeric characters. if there is a space between them, no result will be returned. which is correct. right?

Please enlighten me on this.
Thank you.