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    Exclamation Unanswered: calculations fields and defining values

    Dear List,
    I’m having trouble using the Field Format popup menu option in Database 2 with values created from a calculation of three fields in Database 1.

    Database 1 has a prefix field, first name field, and last name field. I need a full name field. Example of contents: Dr. Phil P. Jones.
    I need a script that will combine the prefix first name and last name fields into real text.
    In my attempt to make this work I made a field titled “Combined Full Name” in Database 1. I created a calculation field and in the define field options I enter:
    Prefix&””&first name&””&last name&””
    This worked just perfect, but I later found out that I couldn’t draw from that field using the field format option in Database 2. I created a relationship between Database 1’s calculation full name field and database 2’s new Full name field. In Database 2 I selected the field format selected pop up menu defined the value list to use values from specified file (Database 1) and values from the calculation full name fields in the Database 1. and the popup menu doesn’t recognize the it says no defined values are there.
    Has anyone ever dealt with this? Could someone give me some advice maybe global field solutions?

    Thanks in advance

    Michael Lyons

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    I'm not sure I follow you, but where go some topics.

    1. If you want top get the full name in a value list (to choose one of millions through a drop-down list or something) you do not need a relationship! Just choose: Use values from field | Specify File

    2. If you want to get a full name form one of a few child records form a company say. Then the supporting relationship should be: Company file (this is the parent side) to Names file (this is the Child side). So the keys supporting the relationship are not the full name field but the company primary key!

    3. Also to "call" the field from another file you donnot use the "Field Format" option BUT the "Specify Field.." option!

    3. Either you'll use a calculation or a script. If you choose scripting this then you only need a supporting relation to copy from the child file (into whatever file your are in) the components. The scrip step would resemble:

    Set field[destination field, relation::Prefix & " " & relation::FirstName & " " & relation::LastName]

    tipically this relations is a constant relationship supported by global fields.
    The warning that the relationship is not valid because it cannot be indexed is of no consequence to passing information with set filed between files. Also you should call the script from the destination file in order for this to work.

    Please read a bit more of The Friendly User Manual.
    Best luck

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