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    Cool Unanswered: TXT files

    I need to import a file, into Access, that gets downloaded from our main database everyday. The file is named "motor_accounts.asc". Will Access allow me to import this (.asc) file? I know I can do it manually but is it possible to import it using VB? I have used the TRANSFERTEXT methods in the past but I don't see and TRANSFERASC method. I would like to automate this importing process because it needs to be done everyday. I would rather push a button that imports the file instead of having to convert the file to a TXT file and then import it. Can anyone help?

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    Try it!

    Import it manually the first time. Create the specs.

    Then you can use a macro or code using the TransferText method.

    Using Macro:
    TransferType......... Whatever it is
    Specification Name..... Your Specs name
    Table Name........... Whatever it is
    File Name..... C:\MyFolder\motor_accounts.asc

    The key is to create the Import Spec manually first.


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    docmd.TransferText can easily do it. You can setup your import SPECIFICATION and then use it in DoCmd.TransferText if you have some special import (fixed length).

    there is lot of info in Access Help for DoCmd.TransferText

    if you have the file on the same place, isn't it easier to LINK the file and then use the CREATE TABLE or APPEND query and get the data from the linked table?


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