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    Unanswered: Store procedure on INFORMIX SE

    *-- ONLY INFORMIX SE 7.1
    Is there any possibility to control on a store procedure if a parametr is passed and if not to have a default value ?
    I didn't find anything in documentation !

    Thanks a lot
    Tabacaru Teodor

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    According to my manuals, you can specify DEFAULT values for input arguments into your stored procedure when you declare them, although my initial attempts to do that were unsuccessful. However, you can also check: 'IF (my_input_arg IS NULL) THEN ... LET my_input_arg = my_default_value; ...' that kind of thing works quite reliably.

    I am using SE 7.25 on Red Hat Linux 7.3, but this should work across a wide variety of releases and combinations. You probably solved this problem long ago, and didn't update the posting, but if not, I hope this helps.

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